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Rayne Lodge Fishery. The Top Lake. May 21st, 2011.

Marsh AC club match.
R.jpg Rayne Lodge. Top Lake. picture by pnm123
The Top Lake at Rayne Lodge just outside of Braintree in Essex is the venue for what is the second Marsh AC club match of the year. A quick glance through the curtains confirmed that the forecaster hadn’t been kidding last night and it promised to be a fine sunny day, so shorts and tee shirt were the order of the day. Cats fed and coffee drunk I loaded up the car and set off round to Dave’s house where I met up Chris and Dave for the trip down to the fishery. An accident on the way to the Dartford Tunnel meant we had to divert round it making us a little late, but we still pulled into the car park just after 8am.

Soon all the kit was transferred down the hill to the lake and discussions were underway about the prospects for the day ahead. Vic (SHANGER) Nugent was fishing his first club match with us since joining and had brought his partner Diane along to fish as well, while Keith had brought workmate Mick along as his guest once more. Into the draw and peg 14 was mine for the day (one away from the one I had on my last visit here)……
while Keith drew peg 14A to my left……
 with Kevin and partner Jean to my right on peg 12 and Al next up on peg 11A……
I have to say that the lake looked cock on, There were plenty of fish showing, however they just appeared to be mooching about and it looked as if they were getting ready to spawn to me.

With us fishing from 10·15am till 4·15pm today there was plenty of time to set up, so everything got an outing today. 2 pellet waggler rods and a method feeder set up came out of their ready sleeves along with 3 top kits for the pole.
The top kits were set up with 2 Sackup CX 4×12 pencils on 0·16 Ultima Power Match finishing with size 16 Guru MWG’s and a NG 0·3 XT Sampson margin on 0·16 Ultima Power Match finishing with size 16 Guru MWG for the margin line. Feed was 6mm hard pellet, with dampened pellet for the method while hook baits were 6 & 8mm hard pellet, corn and a selection of GOT Baits soft hookers.

Jean kindly provided me with my customary coffee and a bonus today in the shape of a freshly cooked sausage & bacon roll so I was well set by the time Dave sounded the All-In at 10·15am. A pot of pellets and corn onto each my selected lines then I shipped a banded 6mm pellet out to 7mtrs. A minute later and the float slid away and carp number 1 was on its way to the net. Unfortunately it was only a couple of ounces, not quite the stamp I was looking for. A better example of around a pound was next up and this was followed by a couple of skimmers and I got the impression that the fish I was really looking for weren’t present in any numbers.

I’d started catapulting a few pellets across to the corner of the island and after around an hour took a look with the pellet waggler after re-feeding my pole lines. There were fish there alright, I could see them cruising, but after half an hour I’d only managed 3 small carp for my efforts. A quick look with the feeder was unproductive so it was back to the pole.

At this stage nobody appeared to be running away with it, and the word was that it was generally fishing slow. I started to get a few carp interested on my 7mtr line, nothing remarkable, but enough to make me feel that I was holding my own against Keith. Another coffee and sausage & bacon roll from Jean was most welcome, so having been re-fed myself, I re-fed the swim and took a quick stroll to try and see what was happening elsewhere.

Keith was starting to find a few on a more regular basis, though he was ruing the loss of a ‘Double’ that had taken off out of his swim and just kept going……
 Simon appeared to be ticking along nicely picking up fish by alternating between on the deck and up in the water in an attempt to keep in touch with the fish……
 Diane was playing a fish as I passed and seemed to think that she might have the beating of Vic……
 …… and although Vic was also playing a fish, a quick chat revealed that he was far from confident in gaining the upper hand today……
 Terry on peg 22 claimed to be struggling, though he was playing a fish while we chatted. while Eddie on peg 1 appeared to be ticking along nicely and enjoying his first day out on the bank for a while……
Dave had started to catch fishing floaters under the tree to his left and while he was having trouble feeding due to the resident geese he seemed to be getting a decent stamp of fish, and it seemed that Martin had followed his lead and was starting to catch a similar stamp of fish from peg 6 round the corner from Dave ……
Clive was claiming to have a mare, but the fact that he was happy to pose with a small roach that he caught led me to believe that he might just be sand bagging about how his match was going…
I found Mick in the corner on peg 11 and was shocked to see him fishing the waggler, but he was having a bit of a lean time and figured that it was the best way to tempt a few……
 As I got back to my peg Keith was into another fish so it was time to get my head down and concentrate. First put in and the float buried as a carp intercepted the bait and although the sport was never fast or furious, I managed to keep the fish coming on a reasonably regular basis by keeping the pellet going in to hold the fish. It was nip and tuck between me and Keith right the way to the end with a bit of banter back and forth between the two of us right up till the end when Dave called the All-Out at 4·15pm while I played a final fish that took my total up to 51 carp.

As we packed up I knew it would be to close to call between Keith and I and with the weigh in starting on peg 1 it had made it’s way round to Martin on peg 6 before I caught up with it to find Dave leading with a fine 114¾lbs which would prove to be good enough to take the win on the day as Martin’s net came up a little short at 103¾lb, but still good enough for 2nd. Clive had indeed been economical with the truth as his net came in at a level 89lbs for 3rd overall. Al managed 64½lbs while my fish weighed a total of 73lbs giving me the section and just edging out Keith’s 71½lbs. Simon’s 64½lbs allowed him to tie for 6th with Al. Round to peg 20 where Diane placed a level 48lbs on the scales to take the decision from Vic’s 34½lbs, though of course we were all full of sympathy for him ……………NOT

Back up the hill to the car park for the results and the section monies and that was it for another match. The next match is at Mill Barn Reservoir on June 11th where I’ll be defending a narrow 1 point lead from Al and Clive with Keith just a point further back.


   Peg                Angler      Weight
 1st  Peg 4  Dave Collier    114lbs 12ozs
 2nd  Peg 6  Martin Hucker    103lbs 12ozs
 3rd  Peg 8  Clive Pritchard     89lbs 00ozs
 4th  Peg 14  Peter Morton     73lbs 00ozs
 5th  Peg 14a  Keith Ashby     71lbs 08ozs
 6th=  Peg 11a  Al Loader     64lbs 08ozs
 6th=  Peg 17  Simon Watkins     64lbs 08ozs
 8th  Peg 7  Tony Roberts     55lbs 00ozs
 9th  Peg 1  Eddie Dobson     51lbs 00ozs
 10th  Peg 20  Diane                     Guest     48lbs 00ozs
 11th  Peg 16  Jim Boase     38lbs 00ozs
 12th  Peg 21  Vic Nugent     34lbs 08ozs
 13th  Peg 12  Kevin Loveland     30lbs 00ozs
 14th  Peg 11  Mick Wright           Guest     29lbs 00ozs
 15th  Peg 22  Terry Goff     19lbs 00ozs
 16th  Peg 9  Chris Withall     14lbs 08ozs
 17th  Peg 10  Judy Hermite     14lbs 04ozs
 18th  Peg 3  Ron Mannister       7lbs 12ozs


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